Touch sternum with chin.
Extension: 55 degrees
Try to point up with chin.
Lateral bending: 35 degrees
Bring ear close to shoulder.
Rotation: 70 degrees left & right
Turn head to the left, then right.

Lumbar Spine
Flexion: 75 degrees
Bend forward at the waist.
Extension: 30 degrees
Bend backward.
Lateral bending: 35 degrees
Bend to the side.

Abduction: 180 degrees
Bring arm up sideways.
Adduction: 45 degrees
Bring arm toward the midline of the body.
Horizontal extension: 45 degrees
Swing arm horizontally backward.
Horizontal flexion: 130 degrees
Swing arm horizontally forward.
Vertical extension: 60 degrees
Raise arm straight backward.
Vertical flexion: 180 degrees
Raise arm straight forward.

Flexion: 150 degrees
Bring lower arm to the biceps
Extension: 180 degrees
Straighten out lower arm.
Supination: 90 degrees
Turn lower arm so palm of hand faces up.
Pronation: 90 degrees
Turn lower arm so palm faces down.

Flexion: 80-90 degrees
Bend wrist so palm nears lower arm.
Extension: 70 degrees
Bend wrist in opposite direction.
Radial deviation: 20 degrees
Bend wrist so thumb nears radius.
Ulnar deviation: 30-50 degrees
Bend wrist so pinky finger nears ulna.

Flexion: 110-130 degrees
Flex knee and bring thigh close to abdomen.
Extension: 30 degrees
Move thigh backward without moving the pelvis.
Abduction: 45-50 degrees
Swing thigh away from midline.
Adduction: 20-30 degrees
Bring thigh toward and across midline.
Internal rotation: 40 degrees
Flex knee and swing lower leg away from midline.
External rotation: 45 degrees
Flex knee and swing lower leg toward midline.

Flexion: 130 degrees
Touch calf to hamstring.
Extension: 15 degrees
Straighten out knee as much as possible.
Internal rotation: 10 degrees
Twist lower leg toward midline.

Flexion: 45 degrees
Bend ankle so toes point up.
Extension: 20 degrees
Bend ankle so toes point down.
Pronation: 30 degrees
Turn foot so the sole faces in.
Supination: 20 degrees
Turn foot so the sole faces out.