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Prior Sleep Fatigue Calculator

Prior Sleep Fatigue Calculator is a tool to enable operation staff and drivers to self-determine their risk of fatigue and manage this on their own or in conjunction with the supervisor.

Your likelihood of fatigue

Strep 1: Inter the amount of sleep you have had in the 24 hours before starting work
Step 2: Inter the amount of sleep you have had in the previous 24 hours
Total sleep in the last 48 hours: 0 hours

Step 3: You woke up today at:

Your fatigue level:


Before commencing a shift every staff member should calculate their prior wake threshold and determine whether there is an increased risk of a fatigue related error. Depending on the score a staff member is required take a particular course of action, which will be self monitoring, having a fellow member of staff monitor you or alteration to or removal from duty.

The calculation above uses minimum sleep and maximum awake rules as a basic self assessment tool to determine fatigue levels.

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