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Welcome to the QP Health Champions Community, the members web portal. is dedicated to QP health champion network. This is the place for QP health champions to find the tools, resources, and advice they need. It’s a network of individuals coming together to share experience and knowledge to accelerate the effectiveness to create collective positive impact.

Website Sections and Resources:

The web portal brings together a wealth of health materials and resources from reliable sources. This platform is accessible to all QP health champions and aims to provide up to date health information, educational materials, tools and communication platform, with the ‘how-to’ training materials required to take the role of health champion and raise awareness within the company.

1- Health blog: Articles and advice, read article on wide range of employees wellness topics and most common health conditions

2- Health calculators: Different type of tools and calculators to help you be healthier and get control over your health.

3- Champs forum: Easy way to communicate with other members, ask questions, and share information pertaining to workplace wellness.

4- Health days calendar: The heath calendar shows you the relevant international health days, months, and events related to health and wellness.

5- Downloadables: Download and print health education documents covering comprehensive range of health topics in pdf format.

6- Health headlines: Latest news and health research on the topics of health and wellness from reliable resources.

7- Health and Wellness PowerPoint presentations: Watch and download selection presentations covering variety of health topics.

8- Courses: ONSITE courses registration, timetable and handouts

9- Recommended Health Websites: A selection of links that are all related to workplace health and wellness.

10- e-Learning: Online courses are coming soon.

11- Health Tip of The Day:  Best advice for a healthy & happy life, we will publish a new idea every day.

Think of this website as your first stop to find documents, information, tips, courses, and news, all aimed at helping you get to grips with workplace health and wellness. For more information please call: Website Administrator

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